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We are an organized group of individuals with the idea to create a simulated organization based on the real-world United States Air Force. We create an atmosphere the provides a good mixture between realism and fun. We work will other virtual military and airline organizations around the world. If your not a member yet, take the time to look around before applying.

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Hurricane Relief 2017


STARTEX: Jun 01 2017 // 0000Z

ENDEX: Nov 30 2017 // 0000Z

Hurricane Season kicks off and lasts through late November. We will be watching various storms throughout the season and keeping everyone up to date on their progress. Pilots will various missions to record weather data or for relief missions where needed.

Recent Flights
Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Mission Type Hours
(s)MAJ David Roark C17A (66166) Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ) Altus AFB (KLTS) Ferry 4.67 hrs.
(s)MAJ David Roark KC46 (VH002) Randolph AFB (KRND) Charleston AFB/Intl (KCHS) Ferry 2.17 hrs.
(s)MAJ David Roark KC46 (VH002) Charleston AFB/Intl (KCHS) Randolph AFB (KRND) Refueling Support 4.42 hrs.
(s)CPT Daniel Storms T41 (N146AC) Laughlin AFB (KDLF) Albuquerque Intl Sunport (KABQ) Training 1.17 hrs.
(s)LGEN Mike Schmitt C130J (53145) Mercedita (TJPS) Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ) Airlift 0.42 hrs.
(s)LGEN Mike Schmitt C130J (53145) Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ) Mercedita (TJPS) Airlift 0.50 hrs.
(s)COL James Thomas CV22 (0033) Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ) Hurlburt (KHRT) Ferry 4.50 hrs.
(s)MAJ David Roark KC46 (VH002) King (TIST) Charleston AFB/Intl (KCHS) Ferry 2.92 hrs.
(s)MAJ David Roark KC46 (VH002) Macdill AFB (KMCF) King (TIST) Airlift 4.67 hrs.
(s)ASECAF Lou Paris C17A (66155) Humanitarian 2.75 hrs.

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