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We are an organized group of individuals with the idea to create a simulated organization based on the real-world United States Air Force. We create an atmosphere the provides a good mixture between realism and fun. We work will other virtual military and airline organizations around the world. If your not a member yet, take the time to look around before applying.

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SIMAF Personnel

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Operation Deep Freeze 2018

LOC: Christchurch, New Zealand (NZCH)

STARTEX: 01 Oct 2017 // 00:00

ENDEX: 01 Feb 2018 // 00:00

As we have almost every year since inception, SIMAF will be hosting our Operation Deep Freeze efforts to resupply our air bases down in the deep south of Antartica. Pilots will be able to fly over 100 missions ranging in various cargo configurations and loads. Do you think you can handle the long, cold flights?

Recent Flights
Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Mission Type Hours
(s)2LT Vladimir Linek C32 (90003) Guantanamo Bay NAS (MUGM) Andrews AFB/NAF (KADW) Airlift 2.83 hrs.
(s)CPT Tomas Hansson KC10 (48306) Honolulu Intl (PHNL) Pago Pago Intl (NSTU) Airlift 5.33 hrs.
(s)2LT Vladimir Linek C32 (90003) Langley AFB (KLFI) Guantanamo Bay NAS (MUGM) Airlift 3.00 hrs.
(s)2LT Vladimir Linek C32 (90003) Andrews AFB/NAF (KADW) Langley AFB (KLFI) Airlift 0.67 hrs.
(s)SECAF Barry Jeter F35A (HL5071) Hill AFB (KHIF) Hill AFB (KHIF) Training 0.67 hrs.
(s)Cadet Daniel Greenwald C40B (32916) Ellsworth AFB (KRCA) Chicago-O'Hare Intl (KORD) Airlift 2.25 hrs.
(s)CPT Tomas Hansson KC10 (48306) McChord AFB (KTCM) Honolulu Intl (PHNL) Airlift 5.67 hrs.
(s)SECAF Barry Jeter DA20 (N960AF) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Training 1.17 hrs.
(s)Cadet William D'Arcy DA20 (N960AF) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Training 0.67 hrs.
(s)Cadet William D'Arcy DA20 (N960AF) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Pueblo Meml (KPUB) Training 0.00 hrs.

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